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You're a VIP! As a BowieNet member, you get a free 6 month VIP membership in BowieWorld. Enjoy! Worlds VIP members get special privileges such as articulated avatars, custom avatar creation in the Gallery of Metamorphics, voice to voice chat, access to VIP Only spaces, and more.

( v1856 ) - 11.1 MB


System Requirements:

  • The minimum configuration is a 90 MHz or faster processor, with 32 MB of memory.
  • The recommended platform is a Pentium-class processor, 133 MHz or faster, with 48 MB of memory.
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT
  • 80 MB free hard disk space
  • Active Internet connection

You can minimize the download window and work on other applications while the download progresses. The task bar icon will flash when the download is complete.

After you have installed WorldsPlayer, you can download many other virtual worlds - simply locate the map in the lower right corner of the WorldsPlayer interface, click on a world you would like to visit, and if you don't already have it you'll be given the option to download it...for FREE!

The Penthouse BowieNet is pleased to bring you an incredibly exciting and cool new Internet experience, BowieWorld by Worlds.com. BowieWorld takes you on an incredible Internet experience in the hippest 3D, interactive, real time, virtual site on the Web. With BowieWorld by Worlds.com, you will be able to enter, explore, and chat in nine different and exciting BowieWorlds -- and over 100 exciting additional 3D worlds.

BowieWorld includes an eerie garden, a breathtaking Chaos space, an incredibly creative virtual theatre, an art gallery showing David's original works, a 3D David Bowie store, the church, plus a Bowie inspired street maze and Decade Alley… And once you download the initial BowieWorld, you can download as many more worlds as you like.

WorldsPlayer is an interactive tool for exploring Worlds.com's 3D multi-user Web-of-Worlds. When you enter one of our 3D worlds, you assume a persona by "wearing" an avatar (3D visual image representing you). Choose from over 100 different humans, animals, characters and strange creatures! You can then walk around the worlds, explore the different worlds, see, chat, and interact with people, send email, animate yourself - all in 3D!

List of Basic Features:

  • A huge selection of avatars: many human, human-like and animal.
  • Text chat with whisper & mute.
  • Numerous viewpoints that you control: The camera that follows your avatar can be set in 1st or 3rd person and at different positions and varying speeds.
  • Discussion groups you can join at a click of a button - Let's talk about…
  • Free, anonymous email - send and receive mail to your Worlds.com username account @3dcd.com.
  • Get easily acquainted with other users by viewing the Personal Info they chose to share.
  • Keep track of your Worlds.com friends via the Friends list: you'll always know when your friends are online!
  • Teleport instantly to new locations via the map, or follow a friend to join her/him instantly.
  • Listen to music within Worlds.com.
  • Worlds.com is constantly evolving - get automatic upgrades.
  • Explore Worlds.com's Web-of-Worlds™ easily using WorldsMarks, which are much like Bookmarks & Favorites in your Web browser.
  • Check out all the interesting 3D spaces, and try to find some hidden rooms…
  • Enter contests and win prizes.

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